Palmetto Athletic Association

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Palmetto Athletic Association (PAA) was founded in 2019 as an organization that would unify Independent non-profit organizations athletics and provide quality championship events to member organization throughout the state of

South Carolina. Our goal is to grow and emerge as the premier athletic                  association for independent non-profit organizations in South Carolina. 


Vision Statement

Develop a nationally recognized community of student-athletes with exceptional competitive opportunities for participation and development of character.

Mission Statement

We provide independent member organizations the resources and competitive environment through mentoring based programs that establish a foundation for excellence based on integrity, sportsmanship, and leadership.

What We Do

PAA provides governance, leadership, guidance, advocacy, professional development, and state championship tournaments for its member organizations and the independent mentoring programs student athletes in the state of South Carolina.

Benefits of PAA Membership include:

  • Members working within the same set of rules toward the same recognized championship
  • Unified calendar and standardized regions make scheduling easier
  • All players eligible for All-State recognition (Athletics & Academic)
  • All players eligible for All-Star Events
  • All coaches recognized as certified high school coaches in South Carolina
  • Continued growth of PAA assures increased excitement and exposure for independent member organization athletics
  • More memberships and independent member organizations involvement assures more consistency in state tournaments for all sports
  • Member organizations have a voice in independent high school athletic programs
  • Coaches and Athletic Directors from member organizations have opportunity to serve on and chair sport committees
  • PAA Competition Committee available for advocacy and dispute resolution
  • All coaches eligible for membership through South Carolina Coaches Athletic Association   Click Here
  • Invitations to attend annual membership conferences, professional development, and networking opportunities
  • Access to state website, a consolidated source for independent member organization athletic information and updates
  • Unified Youth League and Middle School State Champions
  • USA Football Certified Organization